Shower System Specifications

Indoor Outdoor Shower Systems

Aquapole Indoor Outdoor shower systems are designed and manufactured in New Zealand to rigorous quality standards – 5 year product warrantee (excludes rose and hose) New Zealand made. Aquapole Australia provides free installation advice and distributes throughout Australia.

This innovative shower design, utilises marine grade stainless steel in its construction, making the shower more durable and easy to clean than many other showers in the market.

Aquapole indoor outdoor shower system utilises ceiling or floor plumbing so it requires no wall plumbing, which provides endless possibilities for bathroom design. The Aquapole shower system can be installed just about anywhere in bathrooms or mounted onto frameless glass shower screens.

Adjustable height of shower head and single mixer shower valve are easy to operate and provide elderly and mobility impaired people with independence and a safe showering environment.

There are 3 Aquapole shower systems distributed throughout Australia

1. Outdoor shower
2. Indoor Shower – floor to ceiling
3. Indoor Shower – glass mount/wall mount


If you are looking for shower that gives your that designer bathroom look or a stylish outdoor shower, then consider Aquapole.

Aquapole Indoor Outdoor Shower Systems can be shipped throughout Australia. Contact us… or call 0412 632 342